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Customer Experience (CX) Studies

customer satisfaction

Research that provides an indication of the customers' feelings regarding the aspects that we want to examine in relation to the product or service. Satisfaction can be, among other things, in relation to the quality of the product, the nature of the service, or the manner of use.
Insight accompanies many companies in measuring customer satisfaction over time.

Customer experience studies

Studies designed to examine the way customers experience interactions with different interfaces such as the company's product, service or communication and to provide information and insights regarding improving service processes, sales or communication interfaces with customers. Insight has the ability to map complex customer experiences in a wide variety of fields.

Undercover client

Research in which we examine a product or service in real time and in its natural environment without the subjects' knowledge, in order to obtain objective and realistic information and insights regarding the service, various physical or service elements.

Customer journeys

A research method that the totality of contacts (internal and external) in interaction with the company. The research maps the needs, motivations, barriers, experiences, successes and pain points of the customers. Insight helps its clients locate where and how they should act and invest to get optimal results in issues such as reducing expenses, customer service and retention, improving conversion rates, ROI or marketing and sales expenses.

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