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Insight Research was founded in 1999 by Dr. Rakfat Strauss, who holds a Ph.D. in Research Methodology from New York University. We engage in market research, and strategic and business consulting for Israeli and international companies in a wide variety of products and services. Insight's services include a wide range of research tools based on methodological and technological innovation and diverse research tools.

Who we are

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Our uniqueness

Insight specializes in creating operative value for our clients - business, strategic, and marketing, based on research and analysis processes that are tailored according to the client's needs. Insight specializes in solving complex problems while maintaining high professional quality, strict standards, and methodological innovation.
We accompany the clients 'hand in hand' starting from the stage of locating the needs, through adapting dedicated research tools to the needs of the client, conducting the research, and finally presenting operative recommendations for implementation at all levels of the organization.

Our areas of expertise

Insight has extensive experience in a variety of fields and industries such as: insurance, banking, finance, communications, transportation, consumer products, health, academic studies, public sector, municipal, political, and more.

Our team

The team of researchers consists of senior and experienced professionals from a variety of fields such as psychology, statistics, organizational consulting, economics, and management. Multidisciplinary perspectives alongside a wide variety of research and analysis tools provide great added value to any research.

our Customers




Insight Inc.

PO Box 20

Batzra, Israel. Zip 6094400

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