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Insight Research Services

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Marketing studies

Consumer research     

Advertising studies

Studies examining advertising on a variety of platforms (digital, print, television, etc.) by measuring parameters such as message comprehension, sympathy, memorability, motivation to action, and more. Advertising research can be preliminary research that examines a concept, a creative direction or a finished advertisement before it is published to the general public. Through these studies, we enable our clients to refine the advertising message and the relevant media.

New product development support 

Research that accompanies a product starting from the development of the idea, through the development of the product, testing the beta version and up to the development of the marketing concept around the product. The research includes, among other things: concept tests, usability tests, packaging / design testing (beta version) and more.
Insight is experienced in accompanying the development of various consumer products and services. 

Research methodologiesdesigned to identify needs, feelings, preferences, opinions and behavior patterns among the defined target audience. Consumer research can be part of a broader research such as market research for product testing, user testing, etc. or as a research in itself that focuses on consumers.
Insight has been conducting consumer research for over 20 years in a variety of consumer arenas.

Brand research     

Studies which are designed to examine the strength and status of the brand being studied in the marketing dimension both on its own and against its competitors in the competitive environment. At Insight we accompany our clients with brand studies that allow companies to focus on what is required in order to create a competitive advantage. 

B2B studies

A process in which insights are revealed about an existing or future product or service in the business market in which we operate. The information is obtained by researching among existing customers, past customers, potential customers, opinion holders in the field, etc. We at Insight accompany clients in targeted areas to create effective marketing and customer service. 

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