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Insight Research Services


Organizational studies​

Work experience

A research methodology that examines the overall experience that an organization produces for its employees. A successful employee experience creates a work environment in which the employee feels that the organization sees him and his needs and therefore feels that there is care on the part of the organization towards him. This creates a higher connection and commitment towards the company and leads to a higher contribution and productivity on the part of the employee.

Organizational Studies 

Studies that allow the organization to receive information from its employees and managers. For Insight - Insight  A variety of dedicated tools for internal organizational research that allow you to receive both point-in-time information and follow-up over time on topics such as attitude and connected surveys, employee evaluation, employee satisfaction, employer branding, and more

Employee evaluation studies

A research method that enables the evaluation of the performance of employees in the organization by "hard" indicators such as quantity, quality, output as well as by "softer" indicators such as behavior, creativity, teamwork and more, based on the collection of data from the work environment and their analysis. Insight's employee evaluation study provides information on the value of the employee to the organization, allows to assess his strengths and weaknesses as well as the extent of his suitability for the organization in the present and in the future, as well as locating talents.

organizational connectedness

A research method that examines the connection of the employees to the organization and provides an indication of the tendency of the employees to be productive, stay in the organization for the long term and demonstrate higher success rates in their role.

Insight's organizational connectedness study examines a variety of indicators such as connection to the organization's values and commitment to its goals, the sense of security in the organization, the availability of the employee's resources for the benefit of the organization, future growth and development of the employees in the organization and more. 

     Finding gaps

This research method that measures gaps between the customer experience and the internal organizational perception of the experience. Insight's gap detection studies make it possible to locate key points within the organization where there are gaps that require treatment and change.

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