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Research Tools

Office Meeting

Qualitative Research Services

Focus groups 
Incorporating additional qualitative techniques before or after the focus groups, to deepen and expand the insights.

mini focus groups
4-6 participants. Focus groups designed to deal with sensitive or intimate issues.

In-depth interviews
"Face to face" interviews conducted by experienced researchers who help get to the heart of the matter and collect in-depth and meaningful information.

Ethnographic studies
practical ethnography. Studies conducted in the natural environment of the participants, as classic field observation or in combination with other techniques such as interviews.

Customer Journey analytics 

A platform that analyzes all aspects of the customer's journey (purchase of a product, service, etc.) and makes it possible to receive a focused answer to critical questions for the organization such as where are the weak and strong points in the process, which components in the process are worthwhile and what the ROI will be. 


An integrative research platform that allows collecting, documenting and analyzing the variety of information received from the research groups (on-line / off-line) including eye tracking, heat maps, vocal, verbal, behavioral information, and more regarding verbal questions, media presentation tasks, etc.

"shadowing" studies
"Shadow" researchers accompany the shopping trip in order to deepen the buyer's experience in 'real time'.

Interactive research communities
A permanent community that accompanies the customer for an extended period of time. Makes it possible to explore different topics dynamically and develop a joint creation between the participants and the client.

Hybrid research
Research that combines diverse research techniques (qualitative and quantitative) in order to gain both in-depth insights and statistical validation.

Quantitative research services

We provide our clients with quantitative research services, which include customer surveys and questionnaires for a wide variety of target audiences (general and segmented).

The studies can be conducted with off-line (face-to-face, on the phone) and on-line (on the Internet) techniques.

We specialize in the design and analysis of complex quantitative studies that enable our clients to receive significant data on the needs of the 'buyer' and formulate more effective product marketing strategies.

Unique research tools

UX Integrative Platform 

Employee Evaluation Platform 

A platform that accompanies the development and testing of user interfaces. The accompaniment is from the development of the idea, through the development and examination of the concept, the interface architecture, etc. to the examination of the beta version by Usability testing and Benchmarking.

A dedicated tool that is an internal organizational research system that allows monitoring, analysis and evaluation of employees in the organization on a point-by-point basis as well as continuously and continuously. 

Customer Satisfaction Tracking System

A dedicated research system suitable for a wide variety of organizations that want to continuously monitor and analyze various parameters in relation to customer satisfaction.

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