Insight Inc. is one of the leading qualitative and quantitative marketing research companies in Israel. As a research 'boutique' we provide tailor-made research solutions to a wide range of customers from different fields such as media, financial services, retail, B2B, food and beverage, health care, and many more.


Insight Inc. research services:

  • Shopper research qualitative and quantitative

  • 'Traditional' qualitative FG, IDI, Ethnography and all other 'classic' methods

  •  qualitative online methodologies research communities, usability research, Facebook research, and many more emerging methods.

Insight Inc. is highly experienced (20+ years) and accomplished market research professional with a track record of success leveraging market insights to drive business results. Ability to synthesize and integrate multiple and highly complex data into focused, actionable insights.

Strategic Partners:

Crack in Wall
Rakefet Strauss, Ph.D. (CEO and owner)

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Contact us:

Tel: +972-9-950-8182

Fax: +942-77-470-2878


Insight Inc.

PO Box 20

Batzra, Israel. Zip 6094400 

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