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Insight Inc. is one of the leading qualitative and quantitative marketing research companies in Israel. As a research 'boutique' we provide tailor-made research solutions to a wide range of customers from different fields such as media, financial services, retail, B2B, food and beverage, health care, and many more.


Insight Inc. research services:

  • Shopper research qualitative and quantitative

  • 'Traditional' qualitative FG, IDI, Ethnography and all other 'classic' methods

  •  qualitative online methodologies research communities, usability research, Facebook research, and many more emerging methods.

Insight Inc. is highly experienced (20+ years) and accomplished market research professional with a track record of success leveraging market insights to drive business results. Ability to synthesize and integrate multiple and highly complex data into focused, actionable insights.

Strategic Partners:

Crack in Wall
Rakefet Strauss, Ph.D. (CEO and owner)

Why I founded insight >


"My passion is to 'crack the mystery' - integrating the most effective methodologies in order to find the answer to the client's questions. I have a strong interest in research methodology and complex, challenging research projects. My strength is putting the pieces of the puzzle together, using different methodologies and sources, to gain insight and provide applicable answers."

Contact us:

Tel: +972-9-950-8182

Fax: +942-77-470-2878


Insight Inc.

PO Box 20

Batzra, Israel. Zip 6094400 

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